What’s the problem?

Americans are losing (have lost?) touch with where their food comes from. Corporations now control almost all the farming in the United States and regional small farms are being edged out.

What can I do ?

Eat from your garden.

Buy your food at the local farmer’s market.

Participate in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) whereby you join a group who pays a farmer for a season’s worth of food (typically vegetables, fruits, eggs and/or flowers) and the farmer delivers a weekly share for each participant during the growing season. The benefit to the farmer is that he/she has funds available early in the season for supplies and a guaranteed market during the year and participants have locally grown food, fresh from the farm.

How this helps the environment:

Keeping food dollars in the region adds to the economic sustainability of the area and increases the residents’ food security.

Local food decreases the number of “product miles” of your food. Nationally, conventional farming spends approximately 83 calories of fuel for each 1 calorie of food delivered.

How this helps you:

Fresh local food which was recently harvested retains more of its nutrients than conventionally farmed foods.


Farm to Table
Slow Food

Local Harvest: Real food, real people, real community




2 responses

2 10 2009

I really like this idea. Buying local is the way to go and the food is really much fresher and tastier. I will look and see if we have the CSA system in our area. Thanks for posting.

7 12 2009

I just recently posted a blog regarding the movie “Food, Inc” I was aware of the corporations controlling our nations food supply, but this was something that I needed to keep that awareness in front of me and I’d tell everyone to watch that movie. I try to buy all local fruit, vegetables and meats at our farmers markets and encourage everyone to. We have a CSA group and I’m thinking seriously of joining. Thanks for your posting!
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