Teen Green: Where to Find Really Yummy Peanuts

29 04 2009

Whenever I’m at my friend’s house, I always go straight for the big bag of peanuts in the cabinet above the sink. They are hands down the best peanuts I’ve ever tasted, and unfortunately for her (and her family) I gobble them all up in one visit. Where do these magical peanuts come from you may wonder? The Park Slope Food Coop.

Since 1973, the coop has been providing cheap, local, and organic foods to Park Slopers, Brooklynites, New Yorkers, and even people from out of state. The coop takes pride in its abundance of healthy yet cheap products, estimating that their prices can save members 20-40% off their weekly grocery bill. In return for these unbelievable savings and yummy food, my friend’s mom only has to work at the coop once a month for around a measly 2 and a half hours.

Also, the coop has a very extensive environmental policy pertaining to their products and their store’s upkeep. For that information (along with any other questions you have about all Park Slope Food Coop-related things), go to this website.

As a closing note, when I asked my friend if she felt satisfied with the coop, she replied (loudly, I may add) with an enthusiastic “YES, EXTREMELY HAPPY!”.




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