Teen Green: what iPods can do, besides play music

29 04 2009

Not only can an iPod play music, but I’ve discovered an application called Go Green that gives eco-friendly tips and facts. Some of them are vague such as “volunteer in your neighborhood” or “start a recycling program”, but some of them are surprisingly interesting. Here’s a few that stood out to me:

– If every U.S. home replaced just one light bulb with an Energy Star bulb, we’d save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year.

– Instead of sending old rugs to the landfill, check with local animal shelters to see if they can use them. Old towels, blankets and sheets could also be appreciated as well.

– Washing clothes in cold water eliminates 2 pounds of CO2 per load.

-Wrap your water heater in an insulated blanket and you’ll eliminate 1,000 pounds of CO2 a year. Eliminate another 550 pounds by lowering the thermostat to 120°F.

– Paying bills online saves time, postage, and trees. If everyone switches to online banking, we would cut 1.6 billion tons of waste and 2.1 million tons of CO2 a year.

– If every U.S. citizen recycles half of their annual waste, we’ll recycle a 280-million ton mountain of trash — the equivalent of 550 Empire State Buildings!

– Use 100% post-consumer copy paper. It saves five pounds of CO2 per ream. A ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees — and those trees absorb 60 pounds of CO2 a year.




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