Get Rid of Junkmail…For Good

17 11 2008

Everyday, when sifting through the mail, I am astounded at the giant mass of junk mail that finds itself through my door. The pointless and annoying envelopes and catalogs that fill the recycling bin are very wasteful as well. You may ask: How do these companies even know my address? Well, these conniving people get many of their addresses from banks, credit card companies, magazine subscription lists and other commercial services. So essentially, these junk mail companies are using approximately 100 million trees per year to send you these useless pieces of paper that are almost always thrown away before they’re opened. According to the Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention, Americans receive up to 400 million tons of junk mail per year and 250,000 homes could be heated with one day’s supply of junk mail.  Also, it is estimated, that most Americans can spend up to 8 months of their lives dealing with junk mail.   These staggering figures really show how much these annoying envelopes really impact our environment, and how easy it is to stop it.

To put an end to your constant flow of junkmail, there are a few websites that can assist you in this very “green” process:,,, and so many more.  These organizations will give you numbers and websites to contact in order to secure your name, and to get it away from these harmful and pestering companies that flood your home with unwanted pleas for business.




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