Remote Energy Monitors

8 10 2008

I have posted about remote energy monitors before (click here and here).  Several studies have shown that average energy users can reduce their consumption by at least 15% if they can be made aware of their usage in real time.

In addition to the Power Cost  Monitor, I have recently come across 2 additional models with various features.  Please note that I haven’t test driven these yet.  I’m comparing based on available information.

The Energy Detective (TED)

and the

Power Cost Monitor

both cost approx. $140 and can interface with a computer to allow you chart your usage over time.

A new model by Black and Decker costs less than $100 but does not allow interface with a computer so the information is available but a little harder to analyze.

None of these models require an electrician to install them, you just install them at the glass cover of your meter (if it’s the kind that has the spinning disks) or you can plug them into newer electrical meters which have a port for this kind of device.

While initially I was really excited that this kind of device could be used for anyone who pays their own electric bill, it seems that folks who live in big apartment buildings may have a harder time with these because of the long distance between the apartment and the meter.  I plan to install a few of these on projects in the next few months.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you have used one and have comments, please let us know!





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