Teen Green: Fun and Functional Craft Projects

5 10 2008

Looking around my house, I can see uncountable discarded craft projects: painted wood insects, tie-dyed pieces of cloth, and half-finished mobiles to name a few.  I absolutely loved craft projects when I was little, but they were quite useless.  If you want to give your kids something fun AND productive, then check out replayground.com for tons of ideas.  Just a few of their suggestions are: turning old CDs into beautiful suncatchers (something I would have adored when I was younger, and quite possibly still would), turning old milk cartons into a fun game of catch, and turning old broken umbrellas (something everyone has tons of) into a useful waterproof pouch or skirt.

After I looked over their website, I decided to test out one of their ideas on my little sister (age 12).  Together, we cut the front and back off of an empty cereal box and cut them into strips.  We then weaved them together into a funky new placemat.  It was not only easy to do, but it didn’t take long and was actually a really fun project (and now she has her own cool placemat)!

RePlayGround will also come to your child’s birthday party (or any other event, for that matter) and provide supplies and hands-on instructions for any of their really great ideas.

These projects are great ways to get your kids into the habit of recycling and reusing, while having tons of fun creating functional and fun things!




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24 10 2008
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[…] Teen Green: Fun and Functional Craft Projects […]

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