Human Power: A whole new meaning to “workin’ it!”

15 09 2008

Portland, OR, one of our nation’s greenest cities has recently opened a new workout gym. This gym isn’t your ordinary New York City Sports Clubs though – it partly uses human power generated from members’ workouts (in addition to solar power) to supply a portion of the electrical power.

The Green MicroGym offers a workout room, classes, and most of your typical gym equipment. This gym however also offers green consulting for other human powered gyms, outdoor workouts, orientations on how the gym works, and no minimums for memberships (or year-long commitments!) One other difference: There are no public showers at this gym, in attempts to decrease water usage for the building.

This gym uses all the energy exerted during members’ normal gym workouts, to fuel part of the power needed to operate the building – a simple, yet brilliant idea (why hasn’t anyone done this before?) .

I wonder if the act of creating alternative energy works as an incentive to go a little bit faster or pick up that extra 5 pounds – this concept gives a whole new meaning to “going that extra mile!”




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