Insulation Project: Energy Audit

9 08 2008

We want an official audit of the energy efficiency of our house so we signed up for a free audit by National Grid (the utility formerly known as Keyspan).

I plugged in all the relevant information about our house into National Grid’s Home Energy Analyzer. The results are posted to the left. I don’t know if this is a real result or if it’s just a Magic 8-ball type of thing that generates similar results for everyone. Regardless, the 3 repairs listed that would generate the most savings are:

  • “Controlling air leakage” which we are preparing to do along with all the insulation work.
  • “Replace the heating system” which we are not about to do (we installed radiant heating and an efficient central heating/cooling system a few years ago)
  • “Install a programmable thermostat” which my husband did about 8 months ago.

So we’re doing pretty well. The Audit is scheduled for September 3rd. I’m concerned that we’ll get what we paid for with a free audit but I plan to review it with some experts who do this for a living and we’ll let you know how it rates.

Oddly, improving insulation barely makes the list. Next I’ll do the R-value calculations to see how much we can expect to save by doing the insulation work.

Stay tuned.




One response

7 05 2009

Good post and recommendation for the energy audit. You’re barking up the right tree. It’s important to get the right audit–accurate and actionable and looking at the right items like equipment efficiency and safety, air infiltration, and duct leakage. For a bit more background and additional links, follow my post at


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