Teen Green: A Solar Timer Switch Remembers, even if I don’t

4 08 2008

“Are you in that room?” “No.” “Then why are the lights on?”

That is a typical conversation between me and my dad, and I’m sure it’s not rare in other households as well. It’s hard to remember to switch that light off as I’m leaving a room, it is a tiny little detail that doesn’t really affect me short term. There are other things I am thinking about when I leave a room, such as “what’s to eat?” and “I guess I should be doing that homework”, but my dad says that it is a habit that I must quit, before I “kill the planet”. I wouldn’t say that my dad’s scolding is going to scare me into turning off the lights everytime, he’s not so intimidating…But I do start to feel bad as I begin to realize how much of an impact I make every day on the environment (I found out just how much, when I discovered The Impact Calculator). As a solution to this problem, I found the Smarthome Aube Solar Timer Switch. It allows me to leave the room, carelessly forgetting to turn off the lights as usual, without my dad (and my conscience) being so unhappy. It’s a simple way to help the environment, and is great for families with careless teenagers like me that want to help, but just can’t seem to remember.




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