Growing clean indoor air: We hit a snag

30 07 2008

Sorry if these posts about house plants are about as interesting as watching grass grow. You may recall we bought seeds go grow houseplants which are especially well-suited to removing indoor air toxins. Based on availability, aesthetics and a few other criteria, we decided on a Rubber Tree which is supposed to look like this:

and a Pygmy Palm which is supposed to look like this:

well, after sowing the seeds (you can see all the fun here), and raising them from seedlings:

This is what we ended up with. They are growing like the weeds they probably are and smell like tomato plants.

Anyone know what they are? I emailed to the company I bought the seeds from.


Turns out, these are volunteer (probably tomato) plants from the compost. Whatcom is sending us new seeds to try again in clean fill.

Stay tuned.




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4 03 2009
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[…] you against using compost for indoor plants or you might end up with a monster houseplant.  Click here to see what went awry when we tried to improve our indoor air quality with houseplants planted in […]

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