Indy House #8 – Toilet with a Lid sink?

25 07 2008

No, that’s not a photoshop wonder – it’s real- a sink in toilet lid from Gaiam. What better way to save space in a small bathroom than to install a 2-in-one fixture?

This toilet, which functions as a toilet AND a sink does just that (you could call it a triple function if you count the built-in soap dish). Yes, a little strange that you have to straddle the toilet to wash your hands but it enables you to use the water from the sink (called greywater) that would have been wasted down the drain but is perfectly acceptable for filling the tank to flush.

So what about using this for the Indy House, a very small (some would call it intimate) green home that we’re designing? This might be a good way to reduce the number of fixtures in the limited space and it’s a bargain at $89 bucks.

We were going to try to avoid all plumbing in this project and us a Composting Toilet but it might be useful to have a bar sink or slop sink in the house. This is a question for the Owner. We’ll let you know.

Let us know if you’ve had experience with this toilet – its a fairly new product, so we’d love to hear your experiences (and what guests coming to your home have thought!)

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One response

29 07 2008

I am very familiar with this toilet. It is used all over Japan in homes and businesses. It is especially useful in bathrooms there because most homes of a certain era have the toilet in a separate room from the wash sink and the shower/bath. To their sensibilities it seems incongruous to combine the functions of cleansing and waste elimination.

Of course, you can also find bathrooms in small apartments that cram all the functions into a space about 4×6 feet.

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