July 2008: Smart Car sighting month

3 07 2008

The Smart Car finally made its debut in the U.S. this past January.

We’ve been starting to see them Brooklyn (we love when we see them parked perpendicular to the curb!) Although it took a little while to reach the US, they have been more than commonplace in Europe for years. Its great to see this compact, highly efficient and eco-friendly transportation buggy here, brought to you by the inventor of the Swatch watch, Nicolas Hayek.

Some of the future-friendly features of the smart car include: 41 miles to the gallon, use of only water-soluble paints for its three basic colors – black, white and yellow, and its molded-in color body panels are fully recyclable. I know it looks like it would be smashed like a tin can in an accident but it actually has a 4-star crash rating in the US. If you’re in Japan, you may even see a Smart Car in one of these Vending Machines. No, unfortunately a quarter won’t buy you one of these from the dispenser, but you can get information about the car, and where you can purchase one.

During the month of July, we’re going to blog each week how many Smart cars we see in the local New York area and surroundings.

Let us know if you see a smart car! Send us your photo, and we’ll add it to our list of Smart Car sightings in the month of July.

Ready … smart…. go!




One response

21 07 2008

Hey, there’s one in Manhattan. I saw a second today too, but didn’t have my camera. My Smart posts start here:

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