Green Before its Time: The Brooklyn Bridge Celebrates 125 years

23 05 2008

This weekend, the Brooklyn Bridge Celebrates 125 years since its opening in 1883.

Although the concept of “green” didn’t exist 125 years ago, this bridge was certainly built to last! The integration of a bridge made for cars, while being very pedestrian and bike friendly sends a strong message about design and exhibits a true understanding of the city environment. Although the bridge has been refurbished several times, the original elements of the bridge are still standing strong (and beautiful).

The bridge is also undergoing some major lighting upgrades. This past December, Mayor Bloomberg included as part of his efforts to cut greenhouse emissions and lower energy, replacement of all of existing 100-watt lights, with new 24-watt LED lights. An estimated 24 tons of carbon dioxide is expected to be saved from being released into the atmosphere each year from these improvements (link). Although the string of lights that elegantly mark the bridge at night will be slightly dimmer, this change is significant.

As part of this weekend’s celebration to mark the historical significance of one of our nations oldest and longest suspension bridges, a series of events have been planned. The festivities began yesterday evening with a fireworks display, and will continue through the weekend with a Navy flyover, a tribute song, and more. Whats also exciting locally here in DUMBO – are the new images, art and way finding graphics that the NYC DOT has installed [DUMBO NYC link]. The installation is a permanent display, with new LED and fiber optic lights highlighting the foot of the bridge path, for easy access for pedestrians who may have previously had difficulty finding the path from the underpass (it’s the #1 question tourists ask us in DUMBO – “how do we get onto the bridge”? A series of metal frame panels display graphics describing the significance of the bridge, even showing a photo of its original opening in 1883.




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1 08 2008
suspension foot bridge design

[…] bridge was certainly built to last! The integration of a bridge made for cars, while being very ped YEAR ROUND OPEN YEAR ROUND OPEN YEAR ROUND OPEN YEAR ROUND OPEN …new bridge surpasses the […]

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