Green your wardrobe: Vintage, Organic, DIY, Recycle

22 05 2008

A simple way to be more eco conscious is to pay attention to what you’re buying when you purchase your clothes and what you’re doing with the items you no longer want.


If you’re buying something brand new, look to organic, hemp and bamboo. The made-to-last quality of these products will keep these items around much longer. An Australian article from EcoDirectory reads ” buy clothes made to last rather than cheap rubbish”. What better way to say it.

For local listings of stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan which carry these eco-friendly products, check out the newly published book, Greenopia NYC.


Want to save resources and energy? Do It Yourself! Hand knitting pieces for gifts or for yourself is a great way to do so, while also picking up a social hobby. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly materials, and some knitting advice, Purl Soho is a local company that that you may want to check out. They offer new techniques, a chance to schedule an interview with artists, and an array of natural materials such as silk and bamboo.

Vintage Clothing – 1 OF A FIND NYC – Park Slope

Want another great way to reduce your carbon footprint? Purchase vintage or used clothing. Purchasing these types of clothes reduces CO2 and resources that go along with manufacturing, and theres a good chance you’re wallet will be happy with often-times lower prices of these already worn, but still in good shape items. We’ve recently discovered a wonderful retail store in Park Slope that just opened, called 1 of a Find NYC located at the corner of 7th ave and Lincoln Place.

The owner, Honey Moon hand selects each item on her travels, gathering a wonderful display of vintage and already worn items from around the US. In the store you’ll also find a rack of new designs from a Denver designer, created from reused fabrics. The store presents a friendly atmosphere – I met MJ in the store who was very helpful as well.

* image of storefront*

* image inside the store*


What about those old overalls in your closet that you dont want to admit you still have? Or what about that shirt that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away? Well be sure NOT to throw any of them away! Particularly in our local Brooklyn neighborhood, there are many options to recycle those clothes that someone out there will treasure. Local churches have clothes drops, and you may want to consider bringing your old clothes to a local Free Meet, or a clothes swap, such as the Brooklyn Clothing Swap.




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