What I’m doing for Earth Day – Making Yogurt!

22 04 2008

At 39 weeks pregnant, my Earth Day contribution is necessarily modest.

Solution I’m trying to come up with: Reduce the amount of non-NYC-recyclable plastics we use.

Now understand that we are great recyclers. My husband takes all the plastic bags, drycleaner bags and yogurt containers to the Park Slope Food Coop’s twice monthly plastic recycling event. However, it often takes us a while to organize a trip over there at the right moment so the pile of recyclables can grow to an alarming extent. We hide the bags in the basement but for some reason, the yogurt containers pile up on the kitchen countertop and it drives me crazy.

So now we are making our own yogurt to avoid having more plastic to recycle.

When I was in college, I had a friend whose parents were from France and I had homemade yogurt at their house for the first time and it was incredible. Ours is just as good. We have tried vanilla-flavored, coffee-flavored and plain and they’re all good. Plus the little 4-oz glass containers are too cute.

The unit cost about $24 at the Coop and uses about 13 watts of power per 32 oz batch (8- 4 oz. servings) and best of all…no plastic yogurt containers hanging around.




2 responses

23 04 2008

I love homemade yogurt. It’s light years better than any other yogurt. 🙂

28 10 2008
Is zero waste possible in this consumer culture? « brooklyn green

[…] learn about a company called Recycline who makes new products of out old #5 plastics.  You will recall how much I couldn’t stand having old yogurt containers on the countertop awaiting recycling […]

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