Our experience with ReGreen

18 04 2008

Since its being launched in January, we’ve been referring to the ReGreen Program for Residential Remodeling for own internal questions about how to build in a more environmentally friendly way. We’ve also begun to reference the guide as part of our construction drawings to point contractors to (hopefully they’ll read the small print in our specs!). We’ll soon begin construction on one of our projects where we’ve referenced the guide, so we’re hoping it will act as a great resource throughout the construction process.

[You’ll see this image on page 2 of the kitchen renovation section] –

The colorfully illustrated guideline (yes, there are even photos) delineates a best-practices construction approach for homes, whether its a simple kitchen or bathroom renovation, outdoor patio creation, exterior addition, or a major gut renovation. The guidelines give a very real, hands-on account of the before and after, lessons learned, budget constraints (when are there not?) and even comments from owners about the real issues.

[This image is found on page 56, the outdoor living chapter]:

While there are no certifications granted by following this program, it gives designers, builders and homeowners a strong reference and alternative for building green in situations where a project does not qualify for certification systems such as LEED, Energy Star and Health House.

For the time being, this reference may be our answer to finding a green rating system for urban residential projects, where there is not yet a certification system that directly applies.

[ pg. 44]




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