New York Times online versus actual paper

12 04 2008

We used to subscribe to the NYT daily paper. I loved it. I loved being informed of world events over breakfast but it made for so much paper recycling that we were overwhelmed. Since our recycling day is Monday, there were so many city holidays when the recycling truck didn’t come that we were often drowning in paper.

So we switched to weekends only. The recycling was more manageable but still it seemed to be an incredible amount of paper to be processing in one household so we went cold turkey and quit all newspaper delivery.

We missed it too much.

I just re-subscribed for weekend delivery and we’ll just deal with the piles of paper.  We can use some as a splat mat for the toddler table and I hear that newspaper works wonders on cleaning glass instead of paper towels.





One response

14 04 2008
Nik Piepenbreier

I went through the same thing with the Toronto Star. I actually receive it free daily at my university, however, I didn’t like the recycling.

I guess it’s different with the TS, since the online version is completely free. But, for the first couple of weeks I missed reading the actual paper. Now, I love the online one. It makes reading the paper a breeze, which is nice, because I am quite time constrained. RSS rocks :).

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