Scuba divers: Look out for reef restoration balls

17 03 2008


This, my friends, is a reefball. While these man-made concrete creations don’t directly affect our architectural designs above ground, these new reef re-building technologies have a huge potential impact indirectly on all of us.

Coral reefs are crucial to our ecosystem, and are sadly disappearing everyday. This new technology gives some hope for the rebuilding of our oceans coral reefs. These artificial reef modules have been created to be introduced to natural coral reefs, to recreate a reef habitat where one may have existed some time ago.

Yes we’re on an island here in Brooklyn – but still pretty far from being near a natural coral reef. However – if you happen to take a trip down south, or are brushing up on your scuba diving skills, be sure to check out the new rebuilding technologies – they may be more important to our future than we think.

This article describes how warming waters are affecting the bone structure of juvenile reef fish, possibly causing them to lose their way during their development stages of growth. This indirectly has a future impact on us up north…




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