Interested in LEED for Homes?

10 03 2008

The USGBC is sponsoring a 60-minute long webinar (2nd in a series of 3 webinars) featuring case studies of LEED for Homes projects on Wednesday, March 13 March 12th at 2pm Eastern Time.

If you are familiar with the more established LEED programs (New Construction, Retail, Commercial Interiors etc…) LEED for Homes is a much simpler rating system. It is designed to be used for single family homes and multi-family homes up to 6 stories and is administered by a certified Provider. LfH requires 3rd-party verifications for certification – which, to my mind, is the most critical aspect because you know you get what you paid for. The paperwork required on the part of the applicant is also much simpler than for other LEED programs.

I’m the LEED for Homes Advocate for the NYC Chapter of the USGBC (US Green Building Council). We just completed a 3 meeting series to delve into how we can increase the amount of green building in NYC. More on this later.

Visit for more info.

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