Indy House Schematic Design: Schemes

4 03 2008

OK, we know how we want the house to function – now lets start looking at some ways to assemble the pieces. We want to look at the house as a whole assembly in terms of both function and aesthetics.

Our goal is to design a comfortable environment though the use of simple, natural design techniques and materials. The challenge is how to use pre-fabricated construction materials without looking or feeling too industrial.

With this idea in mind, and keeping in mind our intent to create a solar passive home with easily assembled parts, there are really only a handful of ways to best use the natural resources.

The givens:
* Elongated east-west axis
* South facing glazing
* Southern sun shading device

To explore:
* Angled roof for partial or possibly the entire roof. Should we break up the roof line? or use a flat roof?
* Roof deck/green roof ?
* Vegetation on the walls?
* Entry?
* Shading means: vertical vs. horizontal?

Lets look at some schemes to see which responds best to our needs: (see below, scheme A, B, C, D)

SCHEME A:  Features roof deck, full south glazing (will need vegetation for sun control), transom window.


SCHEME B: features a north facing deck, south facing solar system (type tbd), horizontal louvers shading southern facade, explores an exterior east and west facing facade with vegetation.


SCHEME C:  Features an “L” shaped roof, decorative & functional vertical element, asymmetrical assembly of the south facing facade, sun shading/heat control louvers on the south facade.


SCHEME D:  Features a “V” shaped roof for light penetration, water catchment possibilities, folding doors with shading/heat control louvers.





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24 06 2008
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