Green Consiousness

29 01 2008

I’m getting a cold and kept forgetting to buy a box of tissues for the office.

I really wanted the kind with the lotion because they do much less damage to my face.  When I went into our local drugstore (DUMBO’s first!) Bridge Apothecary, all they had were the 100% recycled kind.  On my way in I had noticed the “green” cleaning products available from Mrs. Meyers and Method which I have always liked.  I realized that I was in a green drugstore.  The countertop looked like it was made from some sort of recycled material and the greeting cards are all made from 100% recycled paper.

It got me to thinking that maybe tissues with lotion were not so good for the environment, I had never heard that but surrounded by those choices, my retail thinking was definitely affected.  What really struck me though was that there was no advertising about how green the store was.  It is just a regular, non-chain drugstore whose owners made specific choices to stock items that were environmentally friendly.  Maybe the tipping point is closer than we thought.

I bought the Marcal tissues instead of the 7th Generation for 1/3 the price and went on my way, sneezing into very rough tissues.




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