Yes we can! – Our electrical bills are lower than this time last year.

14 01 2008


I downloaded the last 2 years worth of our electrical usage from Con Ed. I was curious because we made our heating system more efficient (I still have to download and graph our gas usage but I’m too nerded-out for the day), switched to compact fluorescents throughout the house, turned off the humidification system which wasn’t working well anyway, and re-programmed the thermostats.

We also switched to wind power last September so I expected that our reduced consumption would be offset by the increased electrical costs.

However, I’m happy to see a 23% net reduction in usage and a net 21% savings of $616.13 comparing 2007 to 2006!

I admit that the graph is not particularly dramatic because I had to make adjustments for estimated bills, and the ESCO cost are not included in the Con Ed download… but it provides the general answers I was looking for.

This year the plan is to increase the insulation value of the walls and roof wherever practical and see how that affects usage.




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30 01 2009
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