Indy house – Now how to approach the design?

8 01 2008

After the post about modular possibilities, this is the response we received from our client in Indianapolis.

We love the look and design efficiencies of a modular solution, but since this isn’t a primary residence (it’s for an extra interior space/pod in the backyard) the costs for these pre-fabs ($250/sq ft in one case) takes us over our budget expectations for a 250-350 sq ft unit. Plus we’re seeking to have our unit be a model for other similar ideas (other folks like us might one want as well) and we don’t want these to be a luxury item, we want them to be attainable for other “artist” types as well. So we expect a balance between cost and look/function. We’re trying to find a happy middle.


From a “how to build it” perspective, I think it makes the most sense to approach this project as a “Kit of Parts”. Let’s think about the design and concept first and think about this part a little later on.

Programmatically, It should be comfortable, zero-energy, provide a writing/painting sanctuary and should be able to double as a guest room for the in-laws once in a while.

This weekend in the NY Times Magazine, Virginia Heffernan wrote an interesting article called An Interface of One’s Own, about the comparison between 2 Mac word processing programs, Scrivener and WriteRoom, and their ability to utilize the entire screen in order to block out the distracting minutiae of daily life. She writes

Where Scrivener calls itself a “writer’s shed,” which suggests implements like duct tape and hoes, WriteRoom pitches itself as the way to “distraction-free writing” for “people who enjoy the simplicity of a typewriter, but live in the digital world.” With WriteRoom, you don’t compose on anything so confining as paper or its facsimile. Instead, you rocket out into the unknown, into profound solitude, and every word of yours becomes the kind of outer-space skywriting that opens “Star Wars.”

I love that description of a place to write.  The next post we’ll show some ideas and sketches.




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10 02 2009

I see your blog is somewhat similar to what I am doing. Maybe not exactly but with the same creative vibe 🙂 We all want changes ?

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