Compact Fluorescents – yes they can look lovely.

11 10 2007

The #1 question I get about lighting is how not to have a home not look like an office, a warehouse [or substitute your own type of space with typically bad lighting].

There are many new compact fluorescent bulbs on the market whose shape and color will allow you to retrofit them into incandescent fixtures. There are even dimmable CFL’s which are expensive but will last 10x longer than your previous energy hogging incandescent and look remarkably similar, even when dimmed down.

Don’t believe me? look at this picture, which one has the CFL and which has the incandescent?


yes, I agree it’s not a great photograph….however, it gets my point across. The fixture on the left has a 40 watt incandescent bulb and the fixture on the right has a 9 watt, 2700K bulb with an estimated life of 8000 hours, 8x longer than the bulb on the left. The colors of the bulbs are similar with the CFL a bit yellower and brighter and the distribution is not as even but on the whole, a good substitute.

Over the life of the CFL, we would expect to save $338 in energy costs, not including the costs of purchasing and throwing out 7 incandescent bulbs.

10707c.jpg 9W, 2700K, candelabra base CFL

tb_cfl_spiral_wh_2.jpg 15W, 2700K, dimmable CFL




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